08-720    James Birdsell

08-720   James8, Isaac7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, Samuel4, Benjamin3, Nathan2, Henry1


James Birdsell was born in Oct 1794.  He married Elenn Eliza Eleanor Algee (she b. May 1, 1801 and d. Apr 15, 1884).  James d. Nov 19, 1866.  Henry Babbitt and Samuel Purdy were witnesses to the wedding.  Eleanor’s father Alexander and his brother James came from Scotland to NY then to NB 1783 as a loyalist. They settled on Upper Cumberland Bay in Waterborough Parish, Queens County. Their surname was originally Algee and subsequently changed to Elgee. Eleanor’s grandfather, Patrick Robinson, was also a loyalist from NY, originally from Londonderry, Ireland.


In 1824, James Birdsell was baptized in the Parish of Gagetown, Queens County in 1824 when he was 30 years old, which is surprising since his grandfather and possibly even his father were originally Quakers.  On the baptismal document, the occupation of his father, Isaac Birdsall was listed as “farmer.”


In 1826, James, his wife Elenor and their two children, Sarah Ann, aged 5 and Isaac, also aged 5 (but not twins), moved to Ontario with his parents’ entire family.


Children of James Birdsell and Eleanor Algee, surname Birdsell or Birdsill:


09-776 Sarah Ann, b. Jan 10, 1821, Queens County, New Brunswick, m. Walter Bowen (he b. 1813, d Oct 17, 1882), d. Aug 1899 in Norfolk County, Ontario.


09-777 Isaac, b. Oct 2, 1821, Gagetown, New Brunswick, m. Elizabeth L. (she b. May 30, 1823), d. Apr 12, 1906 in Townsend, Norfolk.


09-778 Phebe, b. 1827, Townsend Township, Norfolk County, Ontaro.


09-779 Mary Ann, b. Feb 27, 1828, Townsend


09-780 Elinor, b. Aug 29, 1830, Townsend


09-781 Nelson, b. Nov 10, 1831, Townsend, d. Dec 1, 1918


09-872 James L., b. 1834, Townsend


09-783 Lovinia, b. 1837 or 1839, Townsend, m. Eli Wymer (he b. 1839) on Jul 2, 1890


09-784 Charity Jane, b. 1840, Norfolk


09-785 Edwin, b. Jul 6, 1843, Townsend





Source:  Ancestors and Descendants of John B. Birdsell, Tricia Birdsell, 2021

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