06-53   Timothy Birdsall  1768

06-53   Timothy,6 John,5 Nathan,4 Benjamin,3 Nathan,2 Henry1


Timothy Birdsall was born Nov 6, 1768, m. Ann Campbell and d. Feb 3, 1852 in Franklin, NY.  He is buried in Old United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Otego, Otsego County, NY.



Children of Timothy Birdsall and Ann Campbell, surname Birdsall:


07-95 Amy, b. 1789, m. Robert Cook, d. Oct 6, 1839


07-96 Rebecca, b. 1791, m. John Smith (he b. 1788)


07-97 John, b. 1798, m. Elizabeth Smith (she b. 1798), d. Dec 29, 1855 in Sidney Center, NY


07-98 Ransom, b. 1799, m. Maria _____, (she b. 1811, d, Nay, 1840)

The following note 148 was made by George A. Birdsall in The Birdsall Family, 1958:

Ransom Birdsall was postmaster in Elmira, NY; and died in office 5-12-1843.  From the Postoffice records in Elmira.  There are a number of Hunts but there is only one Ransom.  A Ransom Hunt was born in 1799.  A Ransom Birdsall, in the 1840 census was indicated as being born between 1790 and 1800.  I suspect his name was not really Ransom Birdsall but rather Ransom Hunt.  He may have changed his name from Hunt to Birdsall for some unexplained reason, or he may have been a stepson of a Birdsall, or his mother may have married a Birdsall.  The following chart may or may not be correct.  It is outlined to show what little information I have on Ransom:

Ransom Hunt 1799 m. Maria (Birdsall?)

“P.H.B.” Phebe Harriet Birdsall.  Those initials are on a small stone in the lot of Harriet Birdsall McKinnon, wife of John Stilson, in the 2nd Street Cemetery, Elmira, NY (old cemetery) PHB was born about 1823

Harvey Hunt (1825) m. Wealthy Birdsall

Ransom Birdsall Hunt (1826) m. Maria _____

Maria Birdsall Hunt 1840


Ransom Birdsall certainly needs more research





The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 24



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