02-2   Nathan Birdsall   1611

02-2     Nathan2, Henry1


Nathan Birdsall, b. 1611, m. Temperance Baldwin about 1645.  Nathan d. 1698.


There are two notes in The Birdsall Family  by George A. Birdsall, published in 1958 and revised in 1982 by Mrs. James V. Fiori regarding Temperance Baldwin and Nathan:


Note 201.  Nathan Birdsall 1611.  According to Bunker’s Genealogies, Temperance Baldwin married Nathan Birdsall.  Immediately after her book was published, she had it reprinted to correct a grat error.  She changed it from Nathan Birdsall to Nathan Burwell.  I don’t know where she got the information for either man.  However, the Burwell descendants have a lieage proving to their satisfaction that Temperance married Nathan Burwell.  During that period of time, the name Burwell appears only once in any of the records I ever saw.  Since mistakes in spelling were so common in those days, I believe it was a mistake in spelling.  If I am wrong, Nathan Budsall certainly did marry someone else as he had seven sons.  He got along so well with the Indians it could possibly have been an Indian mad, although the physical characteristics of any descendants do not show any trace of Indian blood.  Nathan’s grandson, Nathan 1705 said his grandmother was Temperance Baldwin.


Note 192.  Nathan Birdsall bought each of his seven sons a farm and it is not known by me which farm belonged to which son.  However, they all stayed close around Matinecock, Hemstead and Jerusalem, Long Island.  I believe Benjamin lived on the Matinecock farm.  Nathan had the “7th Lot” in Matinecock.  It was owned by Mr. Jacacci in 1912.

The area of the former Birdsall farm used to be called Killenworth and is located between Lattingtown and Locust Valley east of Oyster Bay, Long Island.  It now consists of large estates which gives it an undeveloped appearance.

A woman calling herself “Princess” periodically claims to be a descendant of the Matinecock Tribe of Indians and is the rightful heir of all land once occupied by the Matinecock Tribe including whole towns.  The County of Nassau pays no attention to her as all lands in the County have been owned and taxes paid theron for many years.  This information came from the Department of Recreation and Parks, County of Nassau, as the result of a special investigation I requested.


Excerpt from The Birdsall Family by George A. Birdsall, 1958 regarding the family in America


Children of Nathan Birdsall and Temperance Baldwin, surname Birdsall:


03-1 Benjamin, b. 1646, m. Mercy Forman, 1681.  Benjamin d. 1719.


03-2 Stephen, b. 1648, m. Mary.  His family moved to Little Egg Harbor.


03-3 William, b. 1650, m. Mary.  He d. 1726


03-4 Nathaniel, b. 1652, m. _______.  His family lived in New Jersey.


03-5 Nathan, b. 1654


03-6 Henry, b. 1656, m. ________. They had one son.

04-20 James, b. 1695, m. Jerusha Langdon.  They had 4 children.

05-44 Lavinia

05-45 Anna C

05-46 William Edward

05-47 James Lang, b. 1729, m. Bathsheba Haight


03-7 Samuel, b. 1658, m. 1) Jane Langdon and 2) Mary Pratt.  He d. 1725.  There is a controversy on whether Samuel married Langdon or Pratt.  We have taken the position that he married twice.




            The Birdsall Family, George A. Birdsall, 1982, pg. 1



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